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Longfellow Informational Meeting 11/14/2017

Mark your calendars for a Longfellow Informational on Tuesday, November 14th at 6:30pm at the home of a current Longfellow parent. Come and hear from Longfellow staff about the academics and programs at the school and from current parents about their experiences. If you are interested in attending please email for event details.

Next Meeting 9/26/2017

Our next KVCC resident’s meeting will be 9/26/2017, 6:30pm at Bethany United Methodist Church.  We will be in the back meeting room we’re always in, so just park in the back and look for the room everyone is walking into from the parking lot. We will report on the most recent KVCC news and discuss 2018 opportunities with the club. Hope to see you there!

Brian Warwick
KVCC President

Residents Meeting and PowerPoint from 1/2017

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting. Please see the attached PowerPoint here that was used at the meeting if you’d like more information about security cameras.


The next Knollwood Village General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 26th from 6:30-8:00pm. We will meet at Bethany Methodist Church, 3511 Linkwood Dr., Room 42/43. For convenience, please park in the back of the church behind the buildings.

As part of the Agenda for the meeting:

  • We have board officer elections
  • We will review highlights from 2016
  • We’ll discuss security camera systems and help answer questions you may have about how to get started.

Perkin Holiday Gift Delivered

On Monday, 1/2/2017, Brian Warwick (President KVCC) and Grant Heemer (Treasurer) presented Perkin La Cour with a holiday gift of $4,640 raised by Knollwood Village neighbors. Officer Perkin La Cour wanted to thank everyone for his gift, and said he loves our neighborhood and appreciates your well wishes. He wanted us to let you all know that he hopes you had a fantastic holiday season and wishes everyone a wonderful new year.

Holiday Decoration Winners 2016

The results are in for our annual holiday decorating contest. It was a really tough competition and the judges felt like the first place winners defended their title again this year but many other residents are becoming strong contenders!

Below are the results. We have also included several pictures of the winners.

1st place ($150 gift card) – Mike & Cheryl Crawford at 8427 Hatton
2nd Place ($75 gift card) – Chris & Samantha Dewey at 3018 Linkwood
3rd Place ($50 gift card) – Bill & Jennifer Klein at 2802 Fairhope
Best Color Scheme ($25 gift card) – 8227 Lorrie
Most Traditional ($25 gift card) – 2811 Ashwood
Most Creative ($25 gift card) – 3106 Deal

Thank you Knollwood Village for another great year of decorating!

Bethany Meeting Notice for Nov 3rd @ 6pm


DATE:  Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016
TIME: 6:00 pm
LOCATION:    Sanctuary at Bethany United Methodist Church. 3511 Linkwood
All are welcome to attend.

Bethany UMC Senior Living project

The KVCC has had two resident meetings so far (Dec 2015 and Sept 2016) where Bethany UMC has presented plans for their proposed senior living project. Bethany has said that the project consists of a four story senior apartment building on the west side of the existing parking lot. We wanted to let you know that additional questions and comments can be directed to Pastor Dan by calling the church at (713) 667-7574. You can also send emails to Bethany has also created an FAQ page at which provides information on the project.

As always, you can also contact Larry Green’s office:
Main Office: 832-393-3016 Phone
832-395-9410 Fax

Satellite Office:
832-393-4203 Office
832-395-9410 Fax

District Email:

Resident’s Meeting 9/6/2016

Please join us for a KVCC Resident’s Meeting at Bethany United Methodist Church on 9/6/2016 at 6:30pm. We will be discussing the latest updates from Knollwood Village. Also, our primary speaker will be from Bethany Methodist in order to present an entirely new set of senior living plans they have slated for their property. These plans are different from the initial concept originally presented to the neighborhood, and myself (as well as other neighborhood Presidents in the area) found them to be quite an improvement from prior plans.


Brian Warwick
KVCC President

Buffalo Speedway Repairs

Great news everyone! The Street and Drainage Division of PWE will begin extensive point repairs along Buffalo Speedway on Thursday morning, August 4th .

The Street Maintenance section will be performing skin-patch and pothole repairs as well as surface leveling to improve the roadway conditions along the Buffalo Speedway corridor from South Braeswood Blvd to I-610. To ease the impact of traffic congestion, SDD will restrict its repairs to one lane at a time to ensure that at least one lane is continuously free for passage. Flaggers will also be onsite to direct traffic flow during the periods of repair (approximately 7:00-3:30pm).


USDA Citrus Canker on Brays Bayou

Hello Neighbors,

We wanted to pass along a notice sent to us by the USDA. We’re mentioning it because you may see several USDA employees in the area (and they may be knocking on doors if they see a citrus tree on/near your property.


Brian Warwick
KVCC President


A confirmed case of Asiatic citrus canker has been found along Brays Bayou greenway in Houston. The suspected plant was reported to authorities via a USDA mobile website called on May 11, 2016. The plant was confirmed positive for citrus canker on May 20, 2016. The infected plant was immediately bagged and taped to contain any further infection of nearby citrus plants. The Texas Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the City of Houston removed the infected plant on May 26, 2016.

The USDA is coordinating with state and local officials to respond to this situation as quickly as possible. An interagency response team started a delimiting survey spanning one mile around the original find site on May 23, 2016. Citrus canker spreads quickly and easily to other citrus plants through wind and rain. This is the second citrus canker detection in Texas in the past twelve months. There was a confirmed find in a residential area in Rancho Viejo, Texas, in October 2015. The situation in Rancho Viejo is being contained and no commercial citrus producers have been affected. A quarantine has been established in Cameron County. There is no information available to link the two detections.

Citrus Canker is a disease caused by a bacterium that affects citrus plants causing lesions on leaves, stems and fruit, which can lead to fruit drop as well as defoliation. Citrus canker is not harmful to humans or animals but can easily be transported by human or animal contact with the infected plants. Citrus canker can also be spread by rain, especially when combined with high winds. If someone suspects a plant has been infected, they can report it at

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact the Houston Plant Inspection Station at (281)982-9555.

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