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Perkin Holiday Gift Delivered

On Monday, 1/2/2017, Brian Warwick (President KVCC) and Grant Heemer (Treasurer) presented Perkin La Cour with a holiday gift of $4,640 raised by Knollwood Village neighbors. Officer Perkin La Cour wanted to thank everyone for his gift, and said he loves our neighborhood and appreciates your well wishes. He wanted us to let you all know that he hopes you had a fantastic holiday season and wishes everyone a wonderful new year.

Holiday Decoration Winners 2016

The results are in for our annual holiday decorating contest. It was a really tough competition and the judges felt like the first place winners defended their title again this year but many other residents are becoming strong contenders!

Below are the results. We have also included several pictures of the winners.

1st place ($150 gift card) – Mike & Cheryl Crawford at 8427 Hatton
2nd Place ($75 gift card) – Chris & Samantha Dewey at 3018 Linkwood
3rd Place ($50 gift card) – Bill & Jennifer Klein at 2802 Fairhope
Best Color Scheme ($25 gift card) – 8227 Lorrie
Most Traditional ($25 gift card) – 2811 Ashwood
Most Creative ($25 gift card) – 3106 Deal

Thank you Knollwood Village for another great year of decorating!

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