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Next Annual Residents Meeting, Tues, Jan 30th 6:30p

This meeting we will be voting on our slate of officers for the 2018 Civic Club board. Additionally, as always it will also include a high level update on our budget, security, current topics and a resident Q&A.

The meeting is being held in its usual location – Bethany Church, 3507 Linkwood Drive in Classroom 42/43 which is on the back side – park in back and you can’t miss it.

City Public Works – New Streets Design Meeting – 1/12/2016

Attention Knollwood Village Homeowner or Renters that live West of Buffalo Speedway.

Council Member Green, in partnership with the Public Works & Engineering Dept., will host a community meeting relative to the proposed Westridge Area Storm Drainage project slated for 2019. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 12 at 6:30 pm at Longfellow Elementary.

Currently this project is in the preliminary design phase; thus this public meeting is designed to gather community input regarding any challenges. This project will replace your streets, storm drains, sidewalks and streetlights.

Please mark your calendars to attend if possible.  We apologize for the short notice. A postcard is in the mail for all affected residents as well. The city wanted us just to email everyone (which we are now) but your board decided this was important enough to get a mailed notice to give everyone in the impacted areas an opportunity to attend.

Thank you,
Knollwood Village Civic Club Board

Next Neighborhood Residents Meeting (2016)

Our next residents meeting will be in the new year — Thursday, January 28th, 2016  at 6:30pm. The meeting is being held in it’s usual location – Bethany Church, 3507 Linkwood Drive in Classroom 42/43 which is on the back side – park in back and you can’t miss it.

This meeting always includes a high level update on our budget, security and other key items. We are working on guest speakers.  If you have any ideas, please send us some suggestions.

Here are three (3) important topics that you won’t want to miss:

  1. KVCC Board Officer Nominations and voting.
  2. The Beautification Committee update on our esplanades.
  3. Guest speaker TBD

If that’s not enough entertainment for you, we expect we will be serving a tasty snack from Firehouse Subs.

Please mark your calendars for this important meeting! I hope to see you there.

Scott J Rose
KVCC President  

Project Brays Presentation from Knollwood Village Resident’s Mtg 09082015

An excellent presentation was provided courtesy of  Harris County Flood Control District (Imelda Diaz) at our residents meeting held on September 8th, 2015. For those of you unable to attend, attached is the presentation for your viewing.  If you have specific questions, please contact Gary Zika below.

Project Brays Presentation

Gary F. Zika, PE
Project Brays Program Manager
Harris County Flood Control District
713-684-4066 Direct Line

Neighborhood Signs Fundraising Update – Mission Accomplished!

June 1, 2015

See the link below for a picture of the new signs.

Knollwood Village Finished Sign

Esplanade Sign Costs  $ 22,875
City Awarded Grant  $ 2,845
Existing Funds Previously Donated by Residents  $ 3,570
Resident Donations From Feb 1 thru March 29, 2015  $ 16,460
Target Fundraising Goal (Remaining)  $ 0

Next steps will be for the Civic Club to execute the contract and move to the next phase to bring down the old and stand up the new!  Look for a May installation. 

We will also be looking into possible irrigation and landscaping options around the signs but will wait until the signs are installed before considering any options. If anyone has an certified plumber, irrigation or landscaping companies to refer, please send them my way.

Neighborhood Sign Replacement Fundraising Campaign

Have you heard we are trying to replace our deteriorating neighborhood signs?

Click here for details!

We need your contributions and we need them by March 15th in order for us to complete installation and receive our grant from the City of Houston.

If you haven’t paid your annual dues yet, you can do it in one payment by visiting the Contribute page.
If you’d like to donate only to the neighborhood signs fundraiser for now, please visit the Esplanade Signs page.

Questions or Volunteers for fundraising, please email

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